Board of Directors

Details of HESCOM Directors

Sl. No. Name Designation and Office Address
01 Sri. G. Kumar Naik, IAS Chairman HESCOM & Additional Chief Secretary to Government, Energy Department, Bengaluru 560 001
02 Bharathi D,  IAS Managing Director, HESCOM, P.B.Road,  Navanagar, Hubballi - 580025
03 Dr. Ekroop Caur, IAS Director, HESCOM & Secretary to Government, (Budget & Resources), Finance Department, Benguluru.
04 Aparna Pavate Director, HESCOM & Joint Secretary to Government,Energy Department, Vikasa Soudha, Bengaluru.

Sri. Antu Hanumant Kamble

Director (Technical), HESCOM, P.B.Road,  Navanagar, Hubballi - 580025
06 Sri. Suresh Terdal Director (Finance), HESCOM, P B Road, Navanagar, Hubballi.
07 Sri.  Shivaprakash T.M Director, HESCOM & President, KEB Engineers Association, A.R.Circle, Bengaluru.
08 Sri. T.R. Ramakrishnaiah Director, HESCOM & President, KPTCL Employees’ Union, A.R.Circle, Bengaluru.
09 Sri. N.V. Bhuvaneshwaraiah Director, HESCOM & GM(P), Corporate Office, KPTCL, Kaveri Bhavan, Bengaluru
10 Sri. Sunil Somashekar Sarur Director, HESCOM 2nd Cross, Jayanagar, Dharwad.
11 Sri. Annasaheb Appasaheb Desai Director, HESCOM Plot No.370, Ramtirth Nagar, Belagavi.
12 Sri. Mahesh Gubbi Director, HESCOM Shiragambi gram, Hirekerur Taluk, Haveri District.
13 Sri. Dundappa sidgondappa Savalagi Director, HESCOM House No.357, Kanakadas Badavane, Vijayapur Nagar, Vijayapur District.
14 Sri. Hanumanth Tulasigeri Director, HESCOM Ningapur grm, Mudhol Taluk, Bagalkote District.
15 Sri. Dadagouda S. Biradar Bin Shankargouda Biradar Director, HESCOM Plot No.45, Annapurnavadi, Shivayogi Residencial School, Baksait Road, Belagavi.
16 Sri. Mahesh Appasaheb Bhate Director, HESCOM Karoshi, Chikkodi Taluk, Belagavi.




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